Diary in English7/1


It was way too hot today. (It might be 30 degrees )
I woke up at around 9 oclock this morning.
I ate a small bowl of rice, a sunny side up egg and a piece of seasoned cod roe for breakfast.

Then I took the train to Namba in Osaka for the purpose of going to a dog cafe with my friend!
There are a lot of dogs that we can play with.
The price is about 1300 JPyen including the price of one drink, and we can spend time with really adorable dogs for 70 min.
My friend and I have not ever had dogs, so we didnt know how to touch and play with them. But we were getting used to how to treat them. They were really pretty.Actually, I have an allergy to cat hair, but I was able to enjoy playing with them.





 Diary in English7/2


It was really hot today, but I could feel the breeze from the opened windows, so taht made it better.
I got up at around 8 oclock this morning. Then I took a shower because Id sweated a lot in my sleep. (it was really hot and humid last night.)

After taking a shower I did the laundry!
I ran the washing machine and hung up the clothes. It was sunny today so I also washed my pillowcase and bedspread.
I like doing laundry because washed clothes feel so refreshing.

Then I decided to clean my room. I was so busy until I quit my job the day before yesterday so my room was messy!
I put away my clothes that were laying on the floor into my closet and vacuumed and wiped the floor.
Now, I am content with my tidy room.

Then I practiced speaking English on the Internet in my tidy room. I was glad when my online English teacher said, "Wow, your room has cleaned up! " to me.
Speaking English is difficult for me, but I enjoyed it!